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A Year in Review.

Looking back over 2019 and all that happened. The decision to leave Why and Coyote Howls The weeks of preparation and the 5 days it took to load up everything and drive to my new home.  It was the winter and it was harsh. Cold. Wind. Rain. The work to build the homestead was slow and fit between storms and sunshine.  So much has changed here since that first Sabbath we spent here. The water house, shower and toilet are a luxury most off-gridders struggle to get and to maintain.  But water, just pouring from a tap INSIDE your house? What an amazing, precious commodity! A hot shower outside, with sun pouring in through the roof? It’s miraculous. A “stream in the desert” that is highly prized.  As I listen to myself reviewing 2018 and hoping for 2019, 2020 has begun. I realize the same hope, the same prayers, the same trust in Abba Father will take me through the next 52 Sabbaths.  O Father Elohim,  Continue to pour out Your Ruach onto Your people. Give them

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