Prayers for Shabbat


And there’s only one sanity.
One way only, to find the Shalom you are searching and longing for.

When I see you running as fast as you can,
And you’re tired and disheveled and the chaos of the world is seeping in and
You just long for rest.

How do you keep running and NOT get tired?
How do you not just give up or give in and sit down on the side of the road?
How, in the midst of hard things and the threat of chaos do you find rest? 

We pray for each other. 
As brothers and sisters.
And we make EACH OTHER the priority. 

We ask Father Elohim that we would each grow in wisdom. And Stature. And in favor with YHWH and man! Then our hearts will rejoice knowing that we walk in Truth! That the path was Your design and leads home through fields of Shalom. 

Thank you Father!
For every good and perfect gift you rain down on us. 
Thank you for our Salvation.
Thank you for Your provision and constant protection! 
Thank you for Wisdom and Discernment. 
For Strength. And Comfort. And Joy! 

You are Yahweh. Yahweh Elohim. Yahweh Echad. 

Ahmein and Ahmein.  Shabbat Shalom. 


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