We Have a House to Build

To build a house. 
To make a home. 
To invite in the weak and the weary, 
the lonely, 
the wanderer. 
To those who feel like strangers and aliens. 
To welcome them in and offer them whatever we have. Hope. 

To build this house with a firm foundation. 
That all things done according to and as unto Elohim. 
A foundation of Truth. 
With bricks of His word and the mortar of the Ruach. 

A house with windows and doors, where all are welcome and Light flows in through clear glass.

A view of mountains, valleys and the road less traveled. Where sojourners make their way. 
A home to rest in for a while. 
A place to find the good food of chavar - fellowship. 
And a washing of the Word. 

A front porch swing , to have a moment to breathe in the beauty of the mattan - the gift of Father’s Creation, 
while warm breezes of acceptance and shalom brush over our senses. 

To edify. 
To build this house of weary souls, 
longing for eternity’s home, 
this is our work here. 
To strengthen each member with the hope, 
with the love, 
and the courage that flows from the Ruach Ha’Qodesh - the Holy Spirit - living in each heart. 

This house; not built of sticks and stones, but with the love of each wayfaring stranger! The ones passing through this land of woe, stopping in for nourishment and strength to continue on the narrow, hard path that leads home.

Each of us, Qodeshin - called out ones - making room. Opening wide the door of welcome. 
Setting a table of mercy and of love. 
Clothing the naked with a coat of forgivensss. 
Feeding hungry hearts with the meat of His Word. 
Giving fresh waters of encouragement and insights to the discouraged.
Binding hearts together with chavar - true fellowship -  and rejoicing in the chedwah - the joy - of our Adon. 

This. This “building of a house” is how we occupy. 
Edifying one another until  that day we hear the trumpet of our Adon calling us up, to enter into our true home! 
Where as one, as He is One, we will gather and dine. 
And worship Him with one voice, crying out, 

“Yahweh, Yahweh our Elohim, Yahweh Echad.



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