Monday, February 19, 2018

Questions Answered about Living Tiny

My Truck and the Tiny - my first trip. circa. 2014

Yes. I continue to live in the Tiny and I continue to live tiny - or as some would say - minimally. I have reduced consumption of resources to the barest of minimum, including but not limited to -

- Maintaining a home off-grid.
Example: No electricity. Which of course means no electric "bills". I currently have lights, charging of phone and laptop, blending of coffee, all made possible via 3-100 watt solar panels, 2-deep cycle, heavy duty batteries, inverter and cigarette lighter charging station. There is, of course, the initial start-up of purchasing and installing; however, the last electric bill I paid averaged 150.00 a month. Yes. My system has paid for itself multiple times.

- Purchasing/spending/shopping
Example: If I do not actually need something, I no longer shop for it. There is a saying, "Want what you need, and don't need what you want." This has become my motto.

- Stashing/Storing/Collecting
Example: See above. As in, the less you need/want the less you purchase. The less you purchase the less space you need to stash or store!

- Food. 
Example:  I have enough for at least a month of meals at all times. I eat simply. With little to no cost in preparation. I can use propane, solar energy (for beverages like tea, and even coffee), or in an emergency, I can build a fire. Yes. I have a fire pit - of sorts. It's a spare trailer tire wheel.

Food storage is in cabinets in the Tiny. Bulk or surplus foods are in air-tight bins in my truck. I also use my refrigerator space, as the frig no longer is in working order.

- Clothing.
Example: I have enough clothing to keep me covered, warm and dry - for approximately 2 weeks. I do not put on clean/fresh outer clothing daily unless they become soiled in some way. I have enough underclothes to go more than 2 weeks. And I also wear clothes in layers when the temperatures fall below 40 degrees F. I wear handknit wool socks, good leather boots, and wool sweaters/vests/hats to stay warm in winter conditions.

Wool is naturally antimicrobial, water repellent, and warm. It wicks away moisture keeping you dry when you need to be!

- Water. 
Example: Water is a necessity. Clean water is imperative/preferable. I currently have water access on my site. It could be consumed however, it doesn't taste very good. But, if I had no choice? I wouldn't die for lack of water. I haul water in gallon jugs into the Tiny for dish-washing, in-between shower bathing, and cleaning the Tiny. I also have water filtering tablets and multiple ways of purifying water in case of emergency.

For drinking purposes, I travel about a mile to fill a 5-gallon water jug for $1.00. I also fill 3- 1-gallon
jugs, and a 2-gallon container, for a quarter per gallon. When all containers are full this is enough water for 7-10 days. That includes coffee, tea, lemonade and fresh drink.

I have been questioned as to how, why, where, how long, as long as I have lived in the Tiny. I've never actually written about it here. I suppose it would be a good thing. And yes. I will answer those questions in upcoming blogs. I am just getting started again. And today was the day that I finally was able to find the proper space to sit and type. So. If you have read this far, and you are interested in learning more about how I live in the Tiny? Stay tuned, and meanwhile? Ask me your questions! You can comment below, or even email me directly at Betriska at gMail dot com!

Blessings Chavarim!

Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Kill Your Batteries

The white wire is 14 gauge and used for the positive terminals

 With a bit warmer temps, I'm doing battle with batteries, chargers, charge controller and solar panels - that are not working!

This will test one of the two batteries and my #tiny solar panel. I'm attaching the clip ends to make it easier to switch from one (most likely dead) battery to the other (probably dead) battery.

I killed them. First I let them run dry. I knew better. I just forgot to check. Then I put well water in, instead of distilled.

Ugh. Expensive lesson. And a tangle of decisions to make. The batteries are too heavy for me to lift. I need both in my truck, so they can be checked and enough money to buy a new battery if they really are dead.

Two little batteries sitting in a box.

So at the moment - as I have no money for a new battery - one battery is connected to the inverter and eventually the charge controller. But, first I have to purchase new MC4 connectors for the 100 watt solar panel. I use the inverter and this battery to charge my phone and run my #tiny blender for coffee in the mornings.

The other battery has the cigarette lighter charger attached and will be used for running my muffin fan (for ventilation) and lighting.

The marine battery on the left, 2014, with inverter and charge controller. 

The battery on the right was purchased in 2016. Here's how you kill a battery.

` forget to add water.
` charge completely - while dry
` burn out your charger
` fill cells with well water.
` charge. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It's late in the day. I've done what I could. I'm hoping. We'll see what happens ...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Need to Tell the Story

I want this story of Your great mercy and love for me to be known.

I want to bear the fruit of glorifying You in my life, please show me how!

How do I tell of the battles and challenges of day to day living? 
How I ended up here.
 Without sounding like I'm whining and/or complaining? 
How do I also share Your great goodness and mercy to me? 

I need to tell of -

- The storm and the Anchor that holds me.
- The battle and the King that leads me.
- The Desert, and the Water that restores me and gives me life!

I need them to know I have been alone in the wilderness, 
and of the Gentle Shepherd who rescued me and brought me back to green pastures!

You alone deserve the honor, O God in Heaven.  I must glorify the Name of Jesus my Redeemer. 
He has redeemed my life and I have hope; 
hope that He will redeem the lost time, the lonely-grieving-broken-in-a-million-pieces time! 

He is ALWAYS there. Jesus. Walking with me. 
Loving me even when I'm dirty, 
and my oily hair strings around my face, 
and I'm wearing the same clothes from 3 days ago! 

He gently bids me come, and His burden IS light! 
He lovingly washes every hair He has numbered. 
He bathes me in His perfect presense and 
He has promised that these dirty threads of sin and despair, 
will someday be exchanged for a robe of His white purity!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Testing and Testing

I bought this tiny computer to fit my tiny life.
I set it up.
And promptly forgot the password.

HP - well. Sure they'll get me in! YAY
After I pay them 60.00. Which is not huge.
But. I paid 150.00 for the entire computer and
all that I had managed to get on it "personal" was ONE picture.
So. NO. Um. Hell no.

I still owe my Mandie.
'Cause for two days she worked. She deleted. And wiped.
And downloaded and uploaded. And she fixed it!

This would be my first entry on my new keyboard.
That's the only reason I bought it! Just to have a keyboard.

I'm working online  by using my phone - which is NOT broken -
for a hotspot wi-fi connect. We'll see how it goes. And you may ask,
"not broken"? Yea. I went to plug in the charger and boom. I thought
I broke the charge port. I did not. After Mandie inspected it, it was
the second charger I've had for the phone that broke! I had already
bought a new one for my old phone and it WORKS!

Now all I need is to find a way to type on a surface instead of
my lap! My posture has to be right or we're gonna be in trouble/pain.

Well, there ya have it. Not that anyone's reading yet ... and if you do?
THANK YOU! And bless you! Stay tuned. I've got a lot of lessons
I learned driving from East to West and then West to East from 4/20 til

the B

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

September 2011

I remember that summer. 
My first one in Quincy. 
May is when I showed up. 
And now, September is fast approaching and 
it's been 5 years. 

That's all ... nothing exciting.
You know. 
5 years.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Lessons Learned from The Westside Apple Tree

Before sucker removal.

- Suckers never produce ... anything.

- Suckers, "suck" the life from the branches that DO produce and
 weaken whatever fruit is produced.

- Sometimes when you're deleting suckers ... 
especially with a saw? You get dust in your eyes.

- New suckers will grow out of suckers you have cut before.

- There is season for everything.  
There's a season to remove the dead stuff.
 A season to prune. 
And there's a season to cut out the suckers.

After sucker removal.

Now I can see.
- Suckers block your view. 

That's all for today's outdoor work. See the droplets on my window?
It's rain.
Cold. And rain. And wind. 
Time to hunker down. Put on an extra pair of leggings. 
Find your wool socks and put on a hat! 
Eat dinner in front of the fireplace and watch a Netflix movie. 
Yeah. That. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

What Happens When You Pray ...

Out of respect - I did not take a photo! What I just witnessed was the men who will be working on my truck, gathered in a circle and praying! I am overwhelmed and full of the joy of the Lord!

God has me. Right where I need to be! Thank you, Father. For your tender mercies made new today!


Questions Answered about Living Tiny

My Truck and the Tiny - my first trip. circa. 2014 Yes. I continue to live in the Tiny and I continue to live tiny - or as some woul...