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What I Did on my Summer Vacation 2012

Phil got word that he was going to Burning Man on a Wednesday. The 15th of August. I made like a true gopher and got him packed and ready to leave by Sunday the 19th, early afternoon. In the midst of sorting, packing, cleaning, freezing, filling and finding - I made me a cutie little dress ...

It started out like this ... 

And finished like this ... 

Phil will return September 3rd. He has the opportunity to not only attend the festivities but he will get to be a part of a 'theme camp' - Black Rock Mobility. Someone even GAVE him a ticket!!! He was so excited and a little fretful, as he usually camps on the outer ring of the wheel. He'll be in the very heart of Black Rock City! As our friend Connie says "Life begins outside our comfort zone." This should be one of those big "life" things for Phil! Lucky dog.
I'm happy he got to go and have been enjoying my time having the entire house to myself. I've done way too much movie watching on the tv!!! …

Sweater Box Makeover

Here's the Sweater.

Here's the Box.

Here's the Makeover.

Successfully making what I needed (magazine holder) out of what I had.
How green am I?  How green are You?

The Homeschool Uniform Makeover

Not too long ago. In a land far far away there was a Size 22 home schooling mama. Denim dresses. Long. Pocketed denim dresses were in style back in the '90s and I'm sure this was a fabulous dress in it's day. I bought this little number for a quarter. Yes. Twenty-five cents. At one of my local thrift stores.

Here's the size 22 - in all her glory.... You can't see the pretty white embroidery around the collar and the top edge of the pocket. It's sweet. I wanted to keep the pockets. But, I got lazy.

So the redesign is pocketless .... Well. I do still have the front pocket. It took A LOT of cutting and I had to put a gusset in after not allowing enough seam allowance at the bustline. I like it. 

This little number goes in my YaiYai Collection I'm designing for myself.  This winter I can wear a longsleeve t-shirt and leggings! Dual duty! 
Happy Tuesday!