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Wordless Wednesday


Here's what I know .... On Day 2

In a moment of time. The smallest increment. Everything can change.
One conversation. One email. A Facebook message or status.

One phone call.

One text.

One moment away from, anything could happen.
Today is today. Only for today.
There will be trials.
And Angst.
And Failures.


There will also be.
Great joys in the sun rising, and over the sun setting.
There will be the sweet smell of grass being watered on a stormy day.

Tomorrow WILL take care of itself. Do today what you have the strength to do.
To say I love you. To smell the sweet fragrance of summer. To climb the hill,
even though you're tired. And thirsty. And regretful. For if you do today the BEST
you can do? You WILL have strength to climb, and step and march - if you have to -
towards that goal. That destination. That hill. That rock.

You will be content in the day, when the goodness of the day has brought forth
gratitude in your heart. For the smallest bloom, that feeds the hummingbird,…

Write Something Everyday for 31 Days ...

Day One - the Day I had this idea. I was inspired by someone else's challenging blog to write (or do) something every day for 31 days?  Ruth over at Has quite the challenge!!! Not sure I'm ready for that one yet!

Am I up to the "Write Something Everyday for 31 Days Challenge? Maybe.
I am presently, undisciplined.
I do nothing regularly. It seems my life is a series of random events, rather than a flowing-day-to-day-doing-stuff-on-purpose kind of living..

I can't get comfortable.
Every chair I sit in annoys my aching body.
Maybe it's not the seat.
Maybe it's just my aching body?

If for 31 days - I could blog. Something. Anything. About ...  a thought I had today. The black bag I bought. Or the one I made? Maybe my garden growing efforts. Watering the lawn. Making seat cushions or a furniture polish.

And if I can't even write about doing it? I don't know that I will. But, I could try. So that's it. …