Wednesday, April 15, 2015

History of the Betriska Bug Out Bag

Do you tend to walk a little outside the box? A little bit hippie? A little bit bohemian? Maybe you're a crunchy-mama or even a dooms-day-prepper with style? Well. I designed us the perfect bag. Not just for the zombie apocalypse but what if a hurricane's heading your way? Or storms with possible tornadoes? What if you got caught in a snow storm? Or floods or well - just bad traffic on your way home? You need this bag.

THE HISTORY of the Betriska Bug-Out-Bag

I needed a bag to hold my found-on-the-side-of-the-road sleeping bag. I needed something water repellent - just in case, to keep it dry. So I took a man's suit coat made from 100% wool which is naturally water repellent and cut off the top half. (The sleeves and collar.) I kept the lining and even the inside pockets intact. Then I made a casing, from some remnant of green denim I had on hand, for the entire top. I used some cord I had on hand (not paracord like I use for my new bags) and ran it through.

Then I sewed a 2" strap that ran down the sides, and formed a long shoulder strap. Now I sew my bags with this strap running down the sides AND across the bottom. (I've improved quite a few things since I made my bag.

I put my sleeping bag in there and then stuffed the pockets with what I might need on my camping trips down into Death Valley. I have water-proof matches, a mini-flashlight, extra hair bands and pins. One pocket has bandaids and ointment. I can put a small bottle of alcohol in a pocket. Lip balm. A container with coconut oil. A Bic Lighter. A mini-sewing kit. Just to name a few things you might find at any given moment!

What I discovered? This bag is perfect, not just for camping ventures, but it was awesome when I flew back and forth from California to North Carolina. I could stash an extra set of clothes, my personal supplies (hairbrush, toothbrush and paste, extra eyeliner etc.), my knitting, a book or magazine to read, snacks, gum, my purse and even my sarong in case I got cold and needed a blanket! (Notice: I did not take my sleeping bag on the plane) All my necessaries and the bag stuffs up under the seat perfectly!

I have been using my Betriska Bug-Out-Bag for about 3 years now and love it!
It's not for everybody. It's not a designer bag - though some of my coats used for the bag are designer - and it's not going to be found in Walmart or Target. But. If you want a useful, one-of-a-kind bag that can be used in an emergency to keep you warm or dry? If you like to make an impression? If you like to re-purpose, re-use and re-cycle? If you like a bag that can carry what you might need at any given moment? Then have I got a bag for you!

These pretty ladies modeled one of my bags for my daughter Sara Elizabeth so you could see how excellent and hipster and boho they are! Thank you Mandie and Denise for making my bag look amazing!

You can wear it cross-body style. 
Like Denise here.

Or on your shoulder like Mandie.

There are 2 big ole pockets on the outside!

And atleast 2 on the inside! Some jackets even 
come with 3 or 4 pockets on the inside.
Perfect for stashing your cell phone or
little emergency kits! 

You really need to see them live and in person to fully appreciate their versatility, usefulness and style! 

To make them even better? To use up the entire jacket and it's parts? I also have mini-bug-out-bags! They are perfect for taking in your keys, phone, and purse when you don't want to carry in the super-bug-out-bag but, still want to have it with you on your trip! These bags have a 60" adjustable strap made from paracord and secured to the bag with stainless steel shackles (in case of emergency!) They are fully lined. No pockets needed - they ARE the pocket, and can be worn cross-body or on your shoulder. 

These mini-bug-out-bags are made from the sleeves 
of the super-bug-out-bags! 

The shackles are not just a nice little extra to have 
available for emergencies! 

Each super-bug-out-bag has one matching mini, 
as I can make two mini's from each jacket! 

So there you have it. My latest designs. They are not for sale in my 
Etsy Shop  yet. There's going to be a Prepper's Festival in downtown New Castle April 18, 2015. You'll be able to purchase them on site that day. Bring your card, as I've a new PayPal Here reader to assist in purchasing! Hope to see you there!!!

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