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History of the Betriska Bug Out Bag

Do you tend to walk a little outside the box? A little bit hippie? A little bit bohemian? Maybe you're a crunchy-mama or even a dooms-day-prepper with style? Well. I designed us the perfect bag. Not just for the zombie apocalypse but what if a hurricane's heading your way? Or storms with possible tornadoes? What if you got caught in a snow storm? Or floods or well - just bad traffic on your way home? You need this bag.

THE HISTORY of the Betriska Bug-Out-Bag

I needed a bag to hold my found-on-the-side-of-the-road sleeping bag. I needed something water repellent - just in case, to keep it dry. So I took a man's suit coat made from 100% wool which is naturally water repellent and cut off the top half. (The sleeves and collar.) I kept the lining and even the inside pockets intact. Then I made a casing, from some remnant of green denim I had on hand, for the entire top. I used some cord I had on hand (not paracord like I use for my new bags) and ran it through.

Then I sewed a …