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Wow ... I'm Starting to Have a Life

Here in this small town. I wear my hats. I go out and rent movies and pick things up at the dollar store. I shop in two grocery stores. I even have been known to ride a bike. I talk to the cashiers, and I call them by name.

Recently I've met the clerk at the local video store - yes. We still have one of those. And I'm embarrassed to admit I can't remember her name. However? She brings her dog - George - to work with her and he is beautiful. Sweet. Gentle. I've never heard him bark but, I've seen him greet the customers. Today her friend admired my hat and I got to tell them of selling rastafarian hats in Hawaii! It was fun and I gave them my website. And told them about having other hats on Etsy.

It's a lovely little place and I've made acquaintance with the local candy store owner. Probably not my best choice. She makes delicious treats and has a sweet little shop. She's getting ready to move into town. And I'm excited for her and hope she does wel…

A Beautiful Testimony ...

and a request for prayer for this beautiful soul.

Ashley of Lil Blue Boo

Dear One,
What an amazing testimony. You have expressed the gospel in a way that only one who truly Believes can state. You are living in the love and light of Christ and I join my prayers with others and our faith says that you are in His hands. He will be glorified and you will never be out of His hands. For courage, strength and wisdom I make supplication for you, Dear Sister. Let not your heart be troubled … you are evidence of God’s love in a harsh world.