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A Life Nomadic

Off-grid. Outside. of comfort zones and walls. The what's. The if's. The maybes.
Possibilities run endless and energy wanes. But. forward motion equals success.

The aspect that is missing right now is discipline. Doing what needs to be done.
Doing it WHEN it needs to be done. And doing that thing to the best of my abilities.

i try to imagine. The motion of moving cross state lines. Carrying my wares. Stopping along
the way in craft shows and fairs to promote my product. I can imagine it. A sweet little pick-up
truck with a camper on the back. And maybe even a trailer to pull. A tiny house parked under the
stars down South where the land is sandy and flat. Home base.

And grandsons to hike and camp and fish with. Oh my heavens. I can buy me my very own fishing pole. And maybe a bow of some sort. And I can have my own tackle box. And I'll show Luke how to bait a hook, and I'll show Logan how to build a fire and when Isaac and Riker are old enough? I'll …