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I took this.

And made that.

The Vardo

I discovered the Vardo today. Knew it when I saw it. Never knew it had another name besides. A gypsy wagon. And when I saw the Vardo and then found THIS - I was so excited I was afraid I'd lose the site - so I decided to blog it so I could record the day I KNEW it was a Vardo that I could build. A little at a time. Make me a home. A home ( makes me giggle with delight ) on WHEELS. *LOL* How perfect for me I thought! I need a home I could curve around so that when I sleep the sun and the moon  would shine in my face - at any time of year - at any place I park her! How awesome is THAT!

So here's a link to my new 'dream home'. I have a goal. Now how to obtain it.

Do Not Fear ....

Easy enough to say. "Do not be afraid ..." To write. To have some semblance of what is making you afraid. To stand in it's face and talk back. Refusing to believe what may possibly be a lie. Do not fear.

I have come to realize many fears in my life. Most have nothing to do with being in 'mortal danger', but none the less it is fear that paralyzes me and keeps me from moving ahead with what I know deep in my heart of hearts was meant for me to do.

Afraid of ridicule. Afraid of rejection. Afraid of offending. Of sounding stupid. Or selfish. Or self-centered. Afraid to say who I am. To be who I am. Fear. Deep rooted and constantly speaking the 'truth' as seen from the other side.

I have on my phone wallpaper - "Remember the TRUTH" - it's not always easy to discern - especially when you have these voices in your head. They're not saying you 'can't' ... they're saying you should. I should do it their way. I should feel what th…

The Problem - As I See It

I'm working from a severe deficit.
I create things from other things.
I don't have enough things.
There are the tools.

The sewing machine is breaking needles.
I can't figure out how to align the needle so it doesn't hit the faceplate.

My knitting? I carry it around with me. And sometimes I'll knit a few rows. I'm slow. And it's most often now, painful. My knitting machine is in NC.

Camera -  4 mega pixel - need I say more?
I will.
The automatic shutter wouldn't open and close.
So I snapped it's little plastic wings off. With my tweezers.
I also can't get the date to remain.
You turn off the camera?
You reset the date.
Every. Time. (*Pulls at hair.*)
I finally gave up.

Ok. So I've struggled to make it.
I've struggled to photograph it.
Now I will struggle to publish it.
Downloading and editing and uploading.
Not always easy on a precious old Mac.
iBook G4 - circa. PC - Whatever that means.
People look at me sideways when I try to exp…