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Testing and Testing

I bought this tiny computer to fit my tiny life.
I set it up.
And promptly forgot the password.

HP - well. Sure they'll get me in! YAY
After I pay them 60.00. Which is not huge.
But. I paid 150.00 for the entire computer and
all that I had managed to get on it "personal" was ONE picture.
So. NO. Um. Hell no.

I still owe my Mandie.
'Cause for two days she worked. She deleted. And wiped.
And downloaded and uploaded. And she fixed it!

This would be my first entry on my new keyboard.
That's the only reason I bought it! Just to have a keyboard.

I'm working online  by using my phone - which is NOT broken -
for a hotspot wi-fi connect. We'll see how it goes. And you may ask,
"not broken"? Yea. I went to plug in the charger and boom. I thought
I broke the charge port. I did not. After Mandie inspected it, it was
the second charger I've had for the phone that broke! I had already
bought a new one for my old phone and it WORKS!

Now all I need is to fi…