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Saying Hello and Re-purposed Hats

To my TEN Followers, it is with you in mind that I continue to put words to keyboard so that you can - well. follow me. - Wow. That means ... I'm the leader! YIKES. I better watch myself. I wouldn't want y'all trippin', or fallin' into a hole or somethin'! So. If you see me headin' off towards a cliff? Please feel free to not follow too closely! *LOL*

Ok ... so I came here to blog abouuuuut. Something that was this ... became a that ... and then became a something else and NOW is something else. Ha!

I had this FAB.U.LOUS. yarn.  Sara gave it to me one year for Christmas. Then Emily took the yarn and made it into a STUNNING shawl/shrug. Lacy. Soy and wool. Beautiful earth tones. LOVE. IT.

Love the yarn. Love the shawl. AND. There was still more yarn. So I knit a hat. And my friend Connie  looked really cute in the hat. So I gave it to her. I still had more yarn. Then Connie WASHED the hat. It felted to a tiny. Cute. Odd little hat. I liked it. I could squeez…

The Real Theme Case Blog

It's been a bit difficult to work on my latest commissioned theme case. I was contacted weeks ago about doing it and the case was shipped and work began. There's a lot of thought - a. lot. - that goes into designing the cases I do. Each one is different. Even though the beginning case may look the same? The finished product is designed to express the owner's passion. My passion is helping you express YOURS. I think the owner of this case will be happy. I certainly hope so and I'll let you know after he receives it.

I took this ... and that ...

And I made this ... 

Not an easy assignment. But. I did it. And I did it well. 

Love in the Mail

Beautiful handmade friendship wrap bracelets. From my lovely daughter, mother of my grandsons and future grandbaby.

Sparkly. Precise. Every knot tied to perfection. Every twist of thread just right. The exact perfect size to fit my wrist. And the best part? The love that was sent along with lace hankies and handwritten note.

Every Day is Sunday

For many - many. - years now ... Since I first understood what 'sabbath' meant - I have desired and most times accomplish a 'day of rest'. Different than the other six days of the week. And I usually but, not always, pick Sunday.

In the beginning of my honoring the sabbath I would put aside my knitting needles from sundown to sundown beginning on Saturday and ending on Sunday. I also closed my computer. Well, in those days? I had a desktop pc so I just didn't turn it on. No email. No text. No website. No searching. Nor surfing.

It felt good to give that time instead to other creative endeavors and acts of worship. This could involve prayerfully making a list of the goals for the coming week. Prayers of gratitude for all that had been accomplished in the week before. Songs of praise for the glorious God of all Creation who had blessed me with good friends, loving children, provision and shelter and good foods to eat. Sometimes I took my praise and blessings and went…

Re-designing HIS Wardrobe

I took this .....

And I made this ...

And this ...

And this, too!

Happy 4th of July - a celebration of Independance!!
I decided (as I always do on July 4th) that I needed something patriotic and
summery and cool-as-cotton to wear for the festivities.

Locally, we will be having the Sierra Music Festival from July 5-8 and tonight one of the bands will be kicking off the "hippie-fest" (as locals refer to it) at a sweet little coffee bar downtown. I also was looking for something to go with an "African theme" - red, yellow, green and black - because the band will be playing African themed music.

I'm here to tell you. I found the perfect fabric. It has red, white and blue, AND red, yellow, green and black! *LOL* The thing is? The fabric comes in the shape of this wonderfully soft, 100% cotton Muu Muu. (In Hawai'i BOTH 'u's are pronounced like moo-oo moo-oo)

Cute huh?
A little on the big side. Even for a muu muu! But,
I LOVE the fabric. AND I love the pockets.

What I don't love so much?
The sleeves.
The tag-in-the…