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How to Kill Your Batteries

With a bit warmer temps, I'm doing battle with batteries, chargers, charge controller and solar panels - that are not working!
This will test one of the two batteries and my #tiny solar panel. I'm attaching the clip ends to make it easier to switch from one (most likely dead) battery to the other (probably dead) battery.
I killed them. First I let them run dry. I knew better. I just forgot to check. Then I put well water in, instead of distilled.
Ugh. Expensive lesson. And a tangle of decisions to make. The batteries are too heavy for me to lift. I need both in my truck, so they can be checked and enough money to buy a new battery if they really are dead.

So at the moment - as I have no money for a new battery - one battery is connected to the inverter and eventually the charge controller. But, first I have to purchase new MC4 connectors for the 100 watt solar panel. I use the inverter and this battery to charge my phone and run my #tiny blender for coffee in the morni…