Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Kill Your Batteries

The white wire is 14 gauge and used for the positive terminals

 With a bit warmer temps, I'm doing battle with batteries, chargers, charge controller and solar panels - that are not working!

This will test one of the two batteries and my #tiny solar panel. I'm attaching the clip ends to make it easier to switch from one (most likely dead) battery to the other (probably dead) battery.

I killed them. First I let them run dry. I knew better. I just forgot to check. Then I put well water in, instead of distilled.

Ugh. Expensive lesson. And a tangle of decisions to make. The batteries are too heavy for me to lift. I need both in my truck, so they can be checked and enough money to buy a new battery if they really are dead.

Two little batteries sitting in a box.

So at the moment - as I have no money for a new battery - one battery is connected to the inverter and eventually the charge controller. But, first I have to purchase new MC4 connectors for the 100 watt solar panel. I use the inverter and this battery to charge my phone and run my #tiny blender for coffee in the mornings.

The other battery has the cigarette lighter charger attached and will be used for running my muffin fan (for ventilation) and lighting.

The marine battery on the left, 2014, with inverter and charge controller. 

The battery on the right was purchased in 2016. Here's how you kill a battery.

` forget to add water.
` charge completely - while dry
` burn out your charger
` fill cells with well water.
` charge. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It's late in the day. I've done what I could. I'm hoping. We'll see what happens ...

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