Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Tiny Water Tank Fail

 I've been working on my list. 

Today's goal was to put water in my holding tank.

I have 2 - 25 foot hoses that I hooked together and attached to the nearest faucet. I needed 3.

I had already added bleach - so I filled my 5 gallon jug I use for Caera's water and proceeded to attempt to pour it into the tank. I managed to get about half of it in when I realized it was trickling out! Below me.
Along the seam.
I put my hand in the trickle. 
Smells like bleach. 

It appears there's a leak. 
So I look under the trailer and realize. I have to see what it looks like inside.
Under my bed.

I took all the pillows,  the bags and books and blankets off the bed. Then removed one 6' section of plywood. And used the other section to prop open the door of the tank/storage space so I could have a good look with my crazy bright flashlight.
It appears the back corner, where the hose that pumps the water into the sink, is attached. Is wet. 
And dirty. 
And where the leak is happening.

I put the bed back together. Piled all my stuff back on.
Went out and wound the hose back up and put my trailer wheel (I'm saving for a 'burn ring') and the hoses back in their spots in the storage compartment in the back of the trailer.

Good news! I found my summer dresses! I forgot I had put them there! And now I've got a great space to store my heavy winter clothes!

Also. I learned a valuable lesson. The plywood on my bed is cut wrong for the trailer. Instead of 2 -  21" x 6 foot pieces?  I need 1- 42" x 4 foot and 1 42" x 2 foot section. (Approximately)

That will allow me to access my tank/storage space more easily.  I would use the pieces from my bed in my truck, shortened to go horizontal like a shelf. So it wouldn't go to waste!

Of course wood cutting wouldn't be necessary if I upgraded to a little bit bigger. A little better shape. A camper with a bathroomette.

After all.  A girl's gotta dream ya know! 

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