Friday, July 31, 2015

My Tiny Little Roof Patch

So. In my tiny little life there are times when I have to do scary hard things. Today, was one of those times. 
First I had to remove the tarp, that has been on since I first
discovered the leak in my cabinet a few months ago. 
Then we did the inspection. I've never actually seen the top of my trailer before.

 Caera the Big Dog! 

Heave and ho and off we go! 

First - Luke age 5 - checks the ladder for YaiYai's safety. 

And now YaiYai - with fear and trepidation - makes her way up to the top. 

 Molly - officially in her 2nd trimester with baby #4 - 
climbed up to take a few photos. 

Ruh. Roh. I think I see the problem. 

I sealed all of the outer edges, the hole, and around the vent!
I did NOT fall in, or through, or off! 

Yay me!!! Gettin' 'er done! 

So with minimal spillage and/or smudges I had a very 
productive morning! I'm feeling so brave and accomplished now, I'm 
thinking I'll purchase another gallon of sealant and 
coat the entire roof come fall! 

Good plan? 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Tiny Little Adjustment

Sometimes your tiny trailer has been sitting for months, on soft ground and has slowly gotten itself off kilter. It wasn't a major lean, but it was enough to keep the doors from staying open and it probably led to the leaky seam I found when I checked on it a few months back.

So this morning. I had determined was the morning I was going to make the adjustment. I needed to either back it up, or pull it forward. After much thought? I decided to back it off of the 3 boards on one side and away from the chocks that were now buried in soft ground.

Seems simple enough. Truth be told - it took nearly 3 hours to make a simple adjustment. A tiny - TINY - adjustment. Why would it take so long? Well here's what actually had to transpire before attempting to hitch on to my pickup !

 - Secure everything inside that might fall down and break.
 - Remove all 4 stabilizers and the wood they were sitting on.
 - Move the dog away from the trailer.
- Disconnect cords for electric and refrigerator.
 - Then ... now comes the tricky part and where I spent the MOST time. Hitch the trailer to the truck and move my trailer the 18" it needed to level it up.
 - Oh. Find trailer hitch in back of packed pick up truck! Ha!
 - Attach said hitch to truck. Easy peasy.
- Back truck just right to the tongue of the trailer.
- Try again.
 - Try again. And again and again. INCHES - just inches to get it there.
 - After about 10 tries? Success.
 - Lower the trailer onto the hitch.
 - Sit down and figure out what to do when the trailer won't come down to the ball.
 - Put wood blocks under tires to raise truck.
 - Back truck just right to the tongue of the trailer and onto the boards to raise the hitch.
 - Try again.
 - And pull forward and bounce onto the wood blocks and try again.
 - Cuss.
- Back up again, the inches you need to get it just exactly right!
 - Lower the trailer (again)
 - Get in truck and back up 2 inches so ball sets in tongue.
 - Wipe sweat.
 - Drink water.
 - Readjust wood boards and pull trailer onto boards.
 - Check level. *Perfect* (well perfect enough!)
- Set all 4 stabilizers in place.
- Plug tiny trailer back in and lay out cords properly.
- Put everything inside back in it's place.

 What would have taken maybe an hour if I'd have had a spotter? Took me 3. So I did all of this by my tiny little self, using my tiny little brain to figure it all out! And the best part? I did it! I did it myself! I faced my fear. I prayed for God to help me. I prayed I could get it done without hurting my truck, my camper or myself. And I did it.

 Next up? Seal the roof seams. I just may hire somebody for that! *LOL*

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