Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tiny List Planner

'Tis made.

I took a tiny journal, that was a gift and made my own 'tabs' from cut paper and packing tape. It took a few days of thinking and priority setting and this is what I created.

I'm working with my phone here. 

But. I think you get the idea. 

The front half of the List Planner is divided into categories ...
  • Spiritual
  • Organize
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Blogging and 
  • Travel
The back half has one divider - IDEAS. 
So as I'm trying to get my tiny life in order, create things for sale or giving as gifts, or decide on a new goal? I first write the 'idea' in this section. Then as I begin to establish a plan I add it to the appropriate list. 

For example - last night's thinking began as a journal entry about how the coming months of winter and into spring will transpire. There's a lot of work I need to do on my tiny trailer. Most I will do myself. So there are tools and supplies I need to purchase.

 So under "Financial" I'll list the cost of the tools and supplies and when I will have the funds available. 

Under "Travel" ('cause that's the point of the work - to get ready for travel) 

My timeline is set in my Journal.

I've only begun to use this system. I believe it will work for me. If you have any ideas on how to improve on it? Please let me know!!! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tiny Life Planner Beginnings

In my research to build this life planner, I was overwhelmed by just the first two offerings - one free to print, the other with a starting price of $50. They were so detailed. And Pretty. And full of blocks and spaces and sections and daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly, blanks to fill in.

I closed my computer. I walked away. With confusion and determination to find a way to set all the areas of MY life in order. I was looking for simple. Because simple works for me. And what came to my mind - lists. Lists of where I need to be, or go, and when. Lists of items for projects, for food, for destinations. 

I LOVE a good list. I love writing it. And I love checking it off! So. What I really need? Is a "List Planner".  A "Life List" not really a "life planner". A "This is what I hope life to be and this what I'm planning to do to make it happen" planner. 

Yeah. THAT. Today. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tiny Disciplines = Big Rewards

Or. So we hope.
Last night ... well at 2 a.m. I wrote this -

I just saw a "Pin" for a DIY Life Planner. And I thought - "THAT is exactly what I need!" A map. A calendar of events. How to go and be and do - all that I can and must, before that day comes when I can NOT go and be and do!

I laughed when I read the "small print -

-meal planning
-home organization
-health & fitness
-stockroom inventory (Ooooo! I like that one!)
- and dry erase daily routines (What is that?)

All of this. WITH LISTS! My favorite.

And my happy brain said "What!?" Yeah. THAT'S it! Exactly! It's a discipline I put aside as my tiny little life changed from wife and mother to single woman and YaiYai. But NOW ... now I see that THIS - this life planning idea is a great one. So instead of me planning my life, my life has been planning ME! And therein lies the problem for me.

For, it is when I have made lists and plans and goals for myself as a person; when I have been most disciplined in my life - "Doing what needs be done. Doing it when it needs to be done. And doing that in excellence." - is when I am most happy. And my happy comes from contentment and peace. It's in the writing it out. Seeing it. Daily. That sets my heart on fire to be the very best me I can be!

So yeah. I'm gonna do it. I'm going to make my very own "Life Planner" and I'm going to start planning my life, instead of letting my life plan me.

It'll be fun. A challenge. A discipline that will build and make me stronger. I will work in the strength of the day. I will rest, because a clear conscience finds a soft pillow.

I love a good challenge. Because my life is so different now, it will be an adventure; applying the skills of yesterday to my life today. So. I'm off to do it myself - make a planner for my life.

We'll see how this all works out ...

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