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Tiny List Planner

'Tis made.

I took a tiny journal, that was a gift and made my own 'tabs' from cut paper and packing tape. It took a few days of thinking and priority setting and this is what I created.

The front half of the List Planner is divided into categories ... SpiritualOrganizePhysicalFinancialBlogging and Travel The back half has one divider - IDEAS.  So as I'm trying to get my tiny life in order, create things for sale or giving as gifts, or decide on a new goal? I first write the 'idea' in this section. Then as I begin to establish a plan I add it to the appropriate list. 
For example - last night's thinking began as a journal entry about how the coming months of winter and into spring will transpire. There's a lot of work I need to do on my tiny trailer. Most I will do myself. So there are tools and supplies I need to purchase.
 So under "Financial" I'll list the cost of the tools and supplies and when I will have the funds available. 
Under &qu…

Tiny Life Planner Beginnings

In my research to build this life planner, I was overwhelmed by just the first two offerings - one free to print, the other with a starting price of $50. They were so detailed. And Pretty. And full of blocks and spaces and sections and daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly, blanks to fill in.

I closed my computer. I walked away. With confusion and determination to find a way to set all the areas of MY life in order. I was looking for simple. Because simple works for me. And what came to my mind - lists. Lists of where I need to be, or go, and when. Lists of items for projects, for food, for destinations. 
I LOVE a good list. I love writing it. And I love checking it off! So. What I really need? Is a "List Planner".  A "Life List" not really a "life planner". A "This is what I hope life to be and this what I'm planning to do to make it happen" planner. 
Yeah. THAT. Today.

Tiny Disciplines = Big Rewards

Or. So we hope.
Last night ... well at 2 a.m. I wrote this -

I just saw a "Pin" for a DIY Life Planner. And I thought - "THAT is exactly what I need!" A map. A calendar of events. How to go and be and do - all that I can and must, before that day comes when I can NOT go and be and do!

I laughed when I read the "small print -

-meal planning
-home organization
-health & fitness
-stockroom inventory (Ooooo! I like that one!)
- and dry erase daily routines (What is that?)

All of this. WITH LISTS! My favorite.

And my happy brain said "What!?" Yeah. THAT'S it! Exactly! It's a discipline I put aside as my tiny little life changed from wife and mother to single woman and YaiYai. But NOW ... now I see that THIS - this life planning idea is a great one. So instead of me planning my life, my life has been planning ME! And therein lies the problem for me.

For, it is when I have made lists and plans and goals for myself as a …