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What Happened - Sort of ...

In 2009 I came to the Big Island of Hawai'i to be with a man. After several attempts at working things out, I left on December 18, 2010. Unlike the other two occasions I left, this time I stayed on the Island. I stayed in Ocean View. I stayed where I have made friends and established some roots.

When I left. I left on foot. I was dressed well. Hiking boots, jacket, bag with stuff. Water and lemonade. I walked near 5 miles before my friend was able to get me a ride to her place. She was so gracious and kind to me. Took me in. Gave me a room. A bed. A bathroom. Fed me. Clothed me. And transported me when I needed to get somewhere. I was there for 8 days.

When I left there I moved to another friends house. I stayed there for 12 days. He helped me get to the markets to sell my stuff to earn money. He rented movies for me to watch. He also transported me where I needed to be. And I spent a lovely day celebrating my birthday and just hanging out.

The weekend of my birthday - January 9, …

And Life Goes on ... On the Volcano

This little widget - the one you see below - will allow you to donate to building funds here on the Big Island. A friend has offered to let me "camp" on there land for the next few months while I save my money (by not paying rent) so I can get on my feet again.

I know there's a ton of questions about where I've been, how did I get here, what in the WORLD am I thinking. I would like to present the answers here. I would also like to share with you living frugally, growing your own food, bartering, and living off grid.

It's a new adventure ... one I do with great excitement and great knowledge that what I am attempting is starting all over again. From scratch. With not much of anything except a wonderful resource of friends! I know there is MUCH wisdom to be gained in counsel - so as I offer mine? I hope you will offer yours.

I have a page with Chip-in that "explains" why I can use some extra financial help. That link is here - Hawaiian Betty 

And if yo…