Friday, May 20, 2016

Lessons Learned from The Westside Apple Tree

Before sucker removal.

- Suckers never produce ... anything.

- Suckers, "suck" the life from the branches that DO produce and
 weaken whatever fruit is produced.

- Sometimes when you're deleting suckers ... 
especially with a saw? You get dust in your eyes.

- New suckers will grow out of suckers you have cut before.

- There is season for everything.  
There's a season to remove the dead stuff.
 A season to prune. 
And there's a season to cut out the suckers.

After sucker removal.

Now I can see.
- Suckers block your view. 

That's all for today's outdoor work. See the droplets on my window?
It's rain.
Cold. And rain. And wind. 
Time to hunker down. Put on an extra pair of leggings. 
Find your wool socks and put on a hat! 
Eat dinner in front of the fireplace and watch a Netflix movie. 
Yeah. That. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

What Happens When You Pray ...

Out of respect - I did not take a photo! What I just witnessed was the men who will be working on my truck, gathered in a circle and praying! I am overwhelmed and full of the joy of the Lord!

God has me. Right where I need to be! Thank you, Father. For your tender mercies made new today!


This Journey I'm On ...

It won't be easy to blog it on a phone.  But I'll try.

I'm having 4x4 troubles, 300 miles in. Today is disengage day. I'm waiting my turn and Caera's waiting with me ...

She's showing me how to relax and be patient in the waiting!

That's all I got for this test run of blogging via phone! Stay tuned for updates!

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