Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Month of November

I realized I haven't blogged in over a month. So? What's been happening?
Well. In September Kenny flew to L.A. to be with his family while his Dad battled cancer, infections and age. All is well in L.A. and Kenny returned to OV.

So October brought the wind, and the cooler temps. Lows in the 50's, which ain't bad if you have insulation in your house, and a way to heat it. However? Life on the Volcano does not involve such luxuries for most of us. So we dress warmer, go to bed early (7 ish) And stay under the covers until the sun makes it's appearance.

I have been knitting of course. I am selling a Sherpa hat about every week! I've made and sold a black and purple (not the one on my blog, I forgot to take a pic. :o( ), a white and green one (there's a pic but, not finished), a Peruvian wool multi-color, and TWO rasta colored!

I am currently working on a Black with a touch of Rasta. I hope to sell it at the market Saturday. OH.... I have found another market to sell at. On Wednesday's. So hopefully if not Saturday then Wednesday.

THIS Saturday is a cultural festival in OV - so we're setting up there. I have much knitting, sewing, and plant making to do in the next 2 days ...

Meantime - friends who don't like what they perceive as the new me (although it was always me, I just kept in hidden during the child-rearing days) have decided to cross me off. I've learned this in my lifetime of 5 decades - people will believe, and judge, as they see fit. If they choose to believe the worst? Nothing I can do or say will change it. I know that someday, God will be witness to the life I have lived. If I can please Him? That's all I'm really concerned with. There are new friends to be treasured, edified, enjoyed, right here, right now.

And I'm gonna be a Yai'yai again in July. So life is good. It ain't easy. But, it's GOOD.

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