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A (Not so Tiny) Tiny Little Heartache

On May 29, 2015 my mother didn't die.

On May 29, 2015 sometime during the day my mama had a stroke. It left her unable to phone for help or even push the fantastical button she always wore around her neck.

We never prepared for a stroke, that would leave our mama unable to speak, to lift her right arm, or her right leg. She had written all the directives. She has prepared a will. But the heartache we suffer now was not something any of us were prepared for.

Why? Why didn't we think of this? Why were we not prepared? I don't know. I guess we thought that if she had another stroke she would just pass on. She's 88 years old. She told us repeatedly she was "ready to go". So we prepared to let her go.

But she didn't go. She's still here. She can't speak, express her heart or her love. She can't tell you she doesn't like this or that or the other. She can't tell us if she's in pain. She can't tell us she wants to sit up more or lay b…

Tiny Front Steps

Well. Not so tiny.  Those buggars weigh a TON!  But. That's what I needed to keep them from  getting all knocked around and scattered by  Caera's lead. 
I do still need to refine them.  The small pavers are not going to work.  But, the dozen trips up and down the hill,  carrying a 20 pound rock? I'm done for the day!
As grandson #2 says ... Ta-De-DA!!!