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I Need to Tell the Story

I want this story of Your great mercy and love for me to be known.

I want to bear the fruit of glorifying You in my life, please show me how!
How do I tell of the battles and challenges of day to day living?  How I ended up here.  Without sounding like I'm whining and/or complaining?  How do I also share Your great goodness and mercy to me? 
I need to tell of -
- The storm and the Anchor that holds me. - The battle and the King that leads me. - The Desert, and the Water that restores me and gives me life!
I need them to know I have been alone in the wilderness,  and of the Gentle Shepherd who rescued me and brought me back to green pastures!
You alone deserve the honor, O God in Heaven.  I must glorify the Name of Jesus my Redeemer.  He has redeemed my life and I have hope;  hope that He will redeem the lost time, the lonely-grieving-broken-in-a-million-pieces time!