Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Need to Tell the Story

I want this story of Your great mercy and love for me to be known.

I want to bear the fruit of glorifying You in my life, please show me how!

How do I tell of the battles and challenges of day to day living? 
How I ended up here.
 Without sounding like I'm whining and/or complaining? 
How do I also share Your great goodness and mercy to me? 

I need to tell of -

- The storm and the Anchor that holds me.
- The battle and the King that leads me.
- The Desert, and the Water that restores me and gives me life!

I need them to know I have been alone in the wilderness, 
and of the Gentle Shepherd who rescued me and brought me back to green pastures!

You alone deserve the honor, O God in Heaven.  I must glorify the Name of Jesus my Redeemer. 
He has redeemed my life and I have hope; 
hope that He will redeem the lost time, the lonely-grieving-broken-in-a-million-pieces time! 

He is ALWAYS there. Jesus. Walking with me. 
Loving me even when I'm dirty, 
and my oily hair strings around my face, 
and I'm wearing the same clothes from 3 days ago! 

He gently bids me come, and His burden IS light! 
He lovingly washes every hair He has numbered. 
He bathes me in His perfect presense and 
He has promised that these dirty threads of sin and despair, 
will someday be exchanged for a robe of His white purity!

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