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In Search of the Perfect Hat ....

It's nearly October on the Volcano.
And I am a bit chilly with an indoor temp of 55 degrees.
I have discovered that having my head covered is an
excellent way to stay warm high up in the cold winds;

Wool hats.

I've knit baby hats.
Little Bear-eared hats,
and bonnets,
and cupcake hats.

But, until now? I had not knit an adult sized hat.
My inspiration?

I had knit a baby sack from some handspun wool ... and thought it just might fit my head.
And it DID. So while I knit the real hat? I wore this one on my head! LOL

And here is the wool/soy hat I knit from the Rowan Yarn that Sara gave me YEARS ago! I've got enough yarn to make another. And I just might do that......

I love the color. The feel. The WARMTH!!!

And then my Facebook friend, Joe asked me about making a Sherpa hat.
My only research was to look at Google pictures and then I knit this.

I love knitting these hats! So if you would like one?
I'm charging 35.00 for the (basic) Betiska Sherpa and 45.00 for t…

Life on the Volcano ... taking a Shower.

Picture this morning. Before you got out of bed you thought - or didn't even think - shower. And just walked into your nicely climate controlled bathing room, flicked on the light, and walked over to the tub/shower, drew back the curtain .... and so and so forth. 'Til you're standing there in a steady stream of, evenly heated, warm, hot or cold water.

Yes. Dare I say it? You take your shower for granted. But, it's ok. So did I. I always believed when you turned on the hot? You got hot. You turn on the cold water? You get warm water now. This is not always the case.

As any Ocean Viewer will testify to. Taking a shower on the volcano, that involve a propane powered Paloma? Is an experience that you really have to (endure) have once in your life! I thought maybe a description of what it would sound like outside the shower to those listening to the showeree.

Water running.
Curtain sliding closed.

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Social Outings on the Volcano

With all the cloudy skies the last two days? I felt a nice run into town was in order! What do cloudy skies and a run into town have in common. Nothing. Except the cloudy days at home gave me a hankerin' for some social time. A.K.A Talk story time. So where's the best place in Ocean View to talk story? One of my favs? The Laundromat. Yep. Jim and Winni make washday a fun day.

All the news that is the news can be overheard by local and haole alike. Today I learned the local grill is not only closing? But having issues doing so. It hasn't rained a good rain down in OV since last year about this time and if you take two parking spaces to avoid someone dinging your car? You'll risk getting keyed. You have been warned. LOL

So, I got me a couple loads together and headed down the mountain. (Yea. I know. It's a volcano.)  Few people - especially people off grid - have washers and dryers in their homes. Hanging clothes out? They are so dusty when you bring them in? Pointl…

Speaking of Water ....

It's raining. Sort of. Maybe it's just a cloud smashing into my window because of the strong winds that are blowing? Could be. I don't HEAR rain. I SEE drops on the windows. I HEAR only the wind gusting up against the house making it sway just a bit and cause the whistling in the windows. Brrr.

It's 67 degrees in the house. That will be my high for the day as the sun has been covered for the better part of the day. And will soon set. The generator is humming in the background. Reminding me I need to go turn it off! It's been most of an hour now, and I have happily used the vacuum, making maximum use of the generator's power. We also charge our small batteries while running the generator. And sometimes? Just for the hellofit? I turn on a lamp! *LOL*

What has this got to do with water? Well. There's always hope that it will rain. Like it does in North Carolina sometimes. You know. You're standing out on the deck. You hear this sound .... is it wind? Some…

Off Grid - eBay and Other Impossible Dreams

Off Grid - many people's (including my) dream come true.
No light bill. No power outage because a line is down somewhere.
No street lights to dim the stars. No telephone poles to block your view. Nice.

So you say "How do you see at night? How do you go online? OMG How do you
watch TV?" Well. Here's your answer.

We have two 6volt deep cell batteries. They are connected to a solar panel on the roof.
They are wired to one 12volt florescent light in each bedroom, one in the bath, and one in the kitchen. That gives us enough light to see where we are going and if you are right under it? You can even read.

Those batteries are also connected to the water pump which pumps water from the catchment tank to the house for bathing and washing dishes. We do NOT drink this water. That story I'll post another day.

Now. The sun does NOT shine all day - every day - like you may think happens in Hawaii. For us, up high on the volcano, nearly everyday begins with sunshine, howeve…

Ocean View ... where you can see the Pacific.

Granted I can VIEW the Ocean because I live near-a-mile up the side of a Volcano. Kenny keeps reminding me ... "It's a Volcano. Not just a mountain." .... but, I digress.

The view.
I can actually - on a clear day without vog (Vog. It's like fog, but it comes from the volcano and messes with your lungs.) - see South Point. It is covered by giant wind generators and at night you can see them all flashing their red hey-look-out-low-flying-airplane-or-helicopter lights. Yes. They are synchronized. South Point is THE MOST Southern point of the United States. And every business in that area advertises that fact. So you can get bread from the southernmost bakery of the United States or you can go to the southernmost  bank if you like. All that Southern Stuff? Well, I can see it and it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to drive to it. From the main highway - Mamalahoa Highway? I'm a 7 mile drive to get to near the top of the volcano. Men admire me. Women are awed by me, l…

What I Did Today ....

Well. Ok. I'll own up. Not really TOday. But the other day last month! I had bought these two 'bags'. One was a portfolio-ish zippered pouch case thing. Brown vinyl. Perfect.
The other bag was a cute little purse. Chain handle. Creamy colored. Vinyl. Made in California. Ooooh. Baby!

My thought was to collage them and make them personal to whomever. I've done my own bag and I love it so much I kept it. In a box. In North Carolina. I miss my bag. Just sayin'.

So "today" I actually took the photos and edited them and then made the listing at my Etsy Shop .... Betriska Dot Com

Here's just a taste ....

Yes that is a Beatles Journal.

I love the purse.

and the case.

Got up at 4 a.m. to go sell my wares at the local outdoor market.
Went to the car with some of said wares.
Discovered flat rear drivers side tire.
Changed tire.
Bandaged small injury.
Drove to market.
The end.

Woot! I'm the Featured Member!!!

And a PROUD member at that! These ladies are ROCKIN' the cloth diapered business!
All those sweet bums covered in cloth! I make covers for the diapers. From wool!
Naturally flame retardant - naturally antibacterial - and naturally absorbent, drawing the moisture AWAY from Baby's delicate skin!

You can view my interview AND register to win a pair of handspun handknit Soakers for Fluff-a-Rump-Hump-Day! Complete details can be found here ....

Etsy Cloth Diapers ....

 This is my Bear - Big - wearing the Soakers YOU could win!
He's about the size of a 6 month old baby.
He's a great model - always holds the pose and never whines about
the clothes changing activities.

He has traveled about 15,000 miles
with me in my carry-on - from VA to HI, back to NC, back to HI and
back and forth a couple times more.
Yes. In my carry-on. I would never risk putting Big in the
hands of the airline! *LOL*

He's a love.

You can find more of my handknit soakers at Betriska Dot Com


Labor Day and Knitting

I'm new in town. The Hawaiians call me Houli ... and it's not really a term of endearment if you get my drift. So all us Houli's here in Ocean View - odd lot that we are - tend to stick together. I've never experienced prejudice, except a bit as a 'woman', so this has been quite an experience learning to live "in a strange country".

Yes. I am aware. Hawaii is a state. One of the 'United'. But, you know how everybody questions that whole Virginia thing about being a Common Wealth. Well. I don't know what to call Hawaii. It's part 'reservation'. Part tourist trap. Part Big City. Part Country. Most of what I see? I would refer to as 'third world'.

People live according to their means. And there ain't much. My 'neighborhood' is a small town on the main highway between Kona and Hilo. Elevation around  1500 to 2000 feet. Some people live in tents. On their own land. Some people live in lava tubes.

Some people liv…

Life on the Volcano

Now you know about the water catchment, right?
Well you can't drink that water. So we go to the community water-fill station and
fill these 6 gallon water carriers. THAT is our drinking water. Which I filter in through
a Britta Water System.

It never rains here. Well. Hardly never. UNLESS of course you have your water carrier
fall over in the car and spill it - the entire container - in the car. THEN you get rain for
two days straight. And no way to dry out the car.

Tomorrow? We will go back for more drinking water.
In a wet car.

But today?
I'm listing these pretties on eBay ....

They are Clover's Straight Bamboo Knitting Needles ... Just two of the sizes I have available ... in one listing on eBay.

These are the Size 15's ....

These are the size 11's .....

You can  buy them now at this link ..... Knitting Needles ....

Life on the Volcano

So. Sara says I should blog about my life.

Today. Was water delivery day. We have a big catchment tank in our yard.
It's connected to the roof with a gutter system that allows rain water to run off
of the roof and into to the tank. That is, if it did rain. Which it does not. We get clouds.
And wind. And sometimes the clouds wet the roof and THAT runs into the tank.

But today. Today we had to have the man come up to our place on the side of the volcano and fill our tank. It is a good thing. Earlier this week - before we schedule the visit - we stopped using the catchment water to brush our teeth. And a shower? What would be the point? The water was the bottom stuff,.Ugh.

Later. I will take a shower. AND brush my teeth.

But, for now? I'll be listing some items on my Ebay.
Like this one ... my Bodum French Press.
I made a wool cozy for it. Not only is it cute but, it will
keep the coffee warm while it steeps.

You can find the listing here .....…

Autumn in the Southwest


Toile Peacock Handbag Socknitting Project Bag


Paisley and Macrame' Handbag Socknitting Project Bag