Monday, July 19, 2010

Socks for Sale ... Hiking - Boot - House

***  SOLD ***
(I can make more! Send me an email!)

Yep. Here they are.
The SOCKS you've been waiting for.
100% Cascade Wool .... Dark Tan and Red.
Sized to fit that 7-10 foot!
Knit in two colors - called FairIsle!

Here's a close-up of the wee bit of FairIsle knitting. It adds extra warmth around your ankles! 

Perfect for hiking - wool absorbs 10 times it's weight in moisture! NATURALLY antibacterial - you'll never have stinky feet with these socks! Just handwash if they get dirty on the trail and lay flat to dry,

Excellent house socks. Winter is coming. BE WARM!!! But, don't wear these beauties on carpet - the carpet fibers shred the wool. Leaving you with holes.

Boot socks. NO SEAMS. Total comfort. Handknit with aloha in Hawaii!

Mahalos Nui Loa

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