Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Hat ....

It's nearly October on the Volcano.
And I am a bit chilly with an indoor temp of 55 degrees.
I have discovered that having my head covered is an
excellent way to stay warm high up in the cold winds;

Wool hats.

I've knit baby hats.
Little Bear-eared hats,
and bonnets,
and cupcake hats.

But, until now? I had not knit an adult sized hat.
My inspiration?


I had knit a baby sack from some handspun wool ... and thought it just might fit my head.
And it DID. So while I knit the real hat? I wore this one on my head! LOL

And here is the wool/soy hat I knit from the Rowan Yarn that Sara gave me YEARS ago! I've got enough yarn to make another. And I just might do that......

I love the color. The feel. The WARMTH!!!

And then my Facebook friend, Joe asked me about making a Sherpa hat.
My only research was to look at Google pictures and then I knit this.

I love knitting these hats! So if you would like one?
I'm charging 35.00 for the (basic) Betiska Sherpa and 45.00 for the Sackie Hat .... plus 5 dollars for shipping and handlin.

You can contact me at Betriska at gmail dot com!



Linda B said...

Very creative, like when life hands you a lemon, punt.
I make hats by the dozens and sell them at a local Farmer's Market. I have found there is an owner for every hat I make, they just need to find each other!!

LouAnne said...

Amazing job on the hat! Love the sherpa look for you. :-)

Mandie said...

I love the baggy hat. But, you always look good in hats, and I don't know if it would look good on me? Hmph. Guess I'll have to wait until you get back and try it on! :-)

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