Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life on the Volcano ... taking a Shower.

Picture this morning. Before you got out of bed you thought - or didn't even think - shower. And just walked into your nicely climate controlled bathing room, flicked on the light, and walked over to the tub/shower, drew back the curtain .... and so and so forth. 'Til you're standing there in a steady stream of, evenly heated, warm, hot or cold water.

Yes. Dare I say it? You take your shower for granted. But, it's ok. So did I. I always believed when you turned on the hot? You got hot. You turn on the cold water? You get warm water now. This is not always the case.

As any Ocean Viewer will testify to. Taking a shower on the volcano, that involve a propane powered Paloma? Is an experience that you really have to (endure) have once in your life! I thought maybe a description of what it would sound like outside the shower to those listening to the showeree.

Water running.
Curtain sliding closed.
There's nothing like water, burned until it boils, and then
sprayed out of a showerhead onto nekid skin!

And then we have ...

OMG ... turn it off! Turn it off!
And imagine a full bucket of ice water being doused onto skin
that has possbile first degree burns from the previous dousing of
boiling water!

It's a challenge. It's an adventure. And I WILL WIN.

I was waiting for the perfect day ... when the house was warm. And I sat out in the sun til I was HOT. Then I snuck up on the shower. Jumped in before the boil, plugged the drain, washed my hair TWICE ... with a COLD - dangdangdangit - burst in between. Got my hair rinsed. Turned off the devil's assistant. And scrubbed. Oh it felt good. It's dusty up here and I was looking a wee bit lava-colored - ha.

It didn't just feel good to be clean. It felt good to have triumphed over the Paloma.
I feel empowered. Like when I changed my flat tire last week.

Did you get to see my Cupcake Hat at Betriska.com? The direct link is here ...
Spumoni CupCake Hat  And I also finished the wool longies! They are purty cute I think.

Today's Hawaiian word? Kaikamahine. Pronounced KAH ee KAH muh HEE neh . Meaning girl, daughter. I have 3 kaikamahine and also an hanai daughter, that all live
on the mainland.

Aloha nui loa.
Betty of Betriska.com

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