Friday, September 3, 2010

Life on the Volcano

So. Sara says I should blog about my life.

Today. Was water delivery day. We have a big catchment tank in our yard.
It's connected to the roof with a gutter system that allows rain water to run off
of the roof and into to the tank. That is, if it did rain. Which it does not. We get clouds.
And wind. And sometimes the clouds wet the roof and THAT runs into the tank.

But today. Today we had to have the man come up to our place on the side of the volcano and fill our tank. It is a good thing. Earlier this week - before we schedule the visit - we stopped using the catchment water to brush our teeth. And a shower? What would be the point? The water was the bottom stuff,.Ugh.

Later. I will take a shower. AND brush my teeth.

But, for now? I'll be listing some items on my Ebay.
Like this one ... my Bodum French Press.
I made a wool cozy for it. Not only is it cute but, it will
keep the coffee warm while it steeps.

You can find the listing here .....

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