Monday, September 6, 2010

Life on the Volcano

Now you know about the water catchment, right?
Well you can't drink that water. So we go to the community water-fill station and
fill these 6 gallon water carriers. THAT is our drinking water. Which I filter in through
a Britta Water System.

It never rains here. Well. Hardly never. UNLESS of course you have your water carrier
fall over in the car and spill it - the entire container - in the car. THEN you get rain for
two days straight. And no way to dry out the car.

Tomorrow? We will go back for more drinking water.
In a wet car.

But today?
I'm listing these pretties on eBay ....

They are Clover's Straight Bamboo Knitting Needles ... Just two of the sizes I have available ... in one listing on eBay.

These are the Size 15's ....

These are the size 11's .....

You can  buy them now at this link ..... Knitting Needles ....

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