Monday, September 13, 2010

Ocean View ... where you can see the Pacific.

Granted I can VIEW the Ocean because I live near-a-mile up the side of a Volcano. Kenny keeps reminding me ... "It's a Volcano. Not just a mountain." .... but, I digress.

The view.
I can actually - on a clear day without vog (Vog. It's like fog, but it comes from the volcano and messes with your lungs.) - see South Point. It is covered by giant wind generators and at night you can see them all flashing their red hey-look-out-low-flying-airplane-or-helicopter lights. Yes. They are synchronized. South Point is THE MOST Southern point of the United States. And every business in that area advertises that fact. So you can get bread from the southernmost bakery of the United States or you can go to the southernmost  bank if you like. All that Southern Stuff? Well, I can see it and it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to drive to it. From the main highway - Mamalahoa Highway? I'm a 7 mile drive to get to near the top of the volcano. Men admire me. Women are awed by me, living so high up and all!

Ocean View. That's actually the name of the community I live in. You can Google Hawaiian Ocean View (a.k.a. HOVE) or you can read about it at Wikipedia - but, don't believe everything you read! *LOL*

So what's in Ocean View? First I'll tell you what is NOT there. And if it's not there? You have to drive an hour and a half (atleast) to get to. No McDonalds. No Krispy Kreme. No Food Lion, or Kroger or Trader Joe's. No 'cable company'. No Starbucks.

But. They DO have - a Post Office. No delivery. Gotta have a box. And they have no computer to read your card. So bring cash.

There's an Ace Hardware. For all your hardware needs. And they will re-fill your propane tank! That's helpful if you run out on Sunday 'cause South Point U-Cart is closed on Sunday.

There is a fabulous laundrymat. Clean. Bright. And a social gathering. Yes. Winni and Jim own it and they actually make it fun to do laundry with all their political and musical (Jim has a band) banter! They also have a tv! With satellite!

Stay tuned for more Life on the Volcano stories - a real inside look at what it's like to live in Hawaii.

This is what I'm knitting on the Mauna Loa Volcano today ...

They are going to be Wool Longies (I hope) when they're finished. I'll let you know how that works out for me! 

Today's Hawaiian Word - Aloha - it doesn't just mean hello or goodbye - it's LOVE.
So if I say Aloha Nui Loa? It means MUCH love ... to you. And you. And especially you.

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