Thursday, September 16, 2010

Social Outings on the Volcano

With all the cloudy skies the last two days? I felt a nice run into town was in order! What do cloudy skies and a run into town have in common. Nothing. Except the cloudy days at home gave me a hankerin' for some social time. A.K.A Talk story time. So where's the best place in Ocean View to talk story? One of my favs? The Laundromat. Yep. Jim and Winni make washday a fun day.

All the news that is the news can be overheard by local and haole alike. Today I learned the local grill is not only closing? But having issues doing so. It hasn't rained a good rain down in OV since last year about this time and if you take two parking spaces to avoid someone dinging your car? You'll risk getting keyed. You have been warned. LOL

So, I got me a couple loads together and headed down the mountain. (Yea. I know. It's a volcano.)  Few people - especially people off grid - have washers and dryers in their homes. Hanging clothes out? They are so dusty when you bring them in? Pointless to try and line-dry. And then there's the water issue? Do you pay to have someone bring you water for laundry? Or do you just go ahead for the FUN OF IT - and head down to Winni's place! They also have to buy water to run the 'mat. So I think of it as a community effort to keep their small business ... busy.

It was a typical - laughter filled - trip to the laundromat and I even had time to show off my latest knitting .... the sweet wool longies in the Spumoni colorway!
 And my new houseboots! LOVE them ... made from polarfleece with a sole of polar, an insert of wool, and another layer of polar! Mine are kneehigh - but, I'm gonna make 'em longer! I think over-the-knee would be perfect!

Today's Hawaiian word? Pau ... pronounced pow ... means finished. As in. I am pau for the day. Aloha and have a Blessed day. The B ...

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