Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speaking of Water ....

It's raining. Sort of. Maybe it's just a cloud smashing into my window because of the strong winds that are blowing? Could be. I don't HEAR rain. I SEE drops on the windows. I HEAR only the wind gusting up against the house making it sway just a bit and cause the whistling in the windows. Brrr.

It's 67 degrees in the house. That will be my high for the day as the sun has been covered for the better part of the day. And will soon set. The generator is humming in the background. Reminding me I need to go turn it off! It's been most of an hour now, and I have happily used the vacuum, making maximum use of the generator's power. We also charge our small batteries while running the generator. And sometimes? Just for the hellofit? I turn on a lamp! *LOL*

What has this got to do with water? Well. There's always hope that it will rain. Like it does in North Carolina sometimes. You know. You're standing out on the deck. You hear this sound .... is it wind? Something is coming through the trees and then all of a sudden the drops fall like wet silver dollars from the sky! And you laugh when you realize the sound was the rain. Coming right at you! Ah. Sweet memories of late summer in the South!

Anyway! Here in Hawaii - like many states, I hear - we are suffering from drought. Suffering? Yes. Some of you may remember we came home a few weeks ago to find some of our community burned because of the dryness of the land and the plants! Acres and acres lost! Part of the problem? Not enough water to FIGHT a fire! Some of it was helicoptered in we heard! Of course I assume they used the Pacific to fill their buckets!

I have blogged about the catchment tank already ... attached to the roof to catch 'rain', it supplies us with our bathing water, we wash dishes in it, even brush our teeth (but not always). The key word here is rain. It it ain't rainin'? It ain't catchin'. So you have to pay for water to be trucked in. So we have. And people who have never had to buy water in 20 years? THEY have!

For now we can purchase water to drink - or - we can travel to the nearest county supply and fill up containers (free) and take them home and keep them lined up on the kitchen wall to use for drinking (we usually filter this water), making coffee, cooking. Oh. And we give the county water to the animals to drink. We choose free 99% of the time. Only buying bottled water to get the new bottle to re-fill!

I really have to go turn that generator off. Wait here .... I got somethin' funny to tell ya! And then I'll let you go ....

Now I know you think I got back really quick. But, in reality? To turn off the generator involved removing my house boots and putting on outdoor shoes - slippers as they are called here on the Island. Then I had to turn off the battery charger. And THEN go turn off the generator. Out the door, down the steps, around the house to the back. I turn off the generator. Put one gas tank on top of it. One gas container in the building then move the water jug that holds the door open and close the door. And of course. Lock it.

So all that work? Made me  hungry for something sweet. So I just finished making me some Preacher Cookies! Love their peanut buttery chocolatey oatmeal goodness! No oven required!

So. Something funny. Not water related. But sun related. See. I KNOW you think the sun shines all day every day in "paradise" ... not true. And this really isn't a tan I have. It's lava dust. Brown. Coarse. Dust. Coats everything. Including me.  *LOL*

Have a great day! Tell your friends about the crazy Yai Yai who moved to Hawaii last year and knits.

The Hawaiian word for the day? Keiki - pronouned kay-kee .... meaning baby, or child. I personally have keikimahine (meaning daughter) of my own - 3- and a 9 month old mo'opuna

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