Saturday, September 11, 2010

What I Did Today ....

Well. Ok. I'll own up. Not really TOday. But the other day last month! I had bought these two 'bags'. One was a portfolio-ish zippered pouch case thing. Brown vinyl. Perfect.
The other bag was a cute little purse. Chain handle. Creamy colored. Vinyl. Made in California. Ooooh. Baby!

My thought was to collage them and make them personal to whomever. I've done my own bag and I love it so much I kept it. In a box. In North Carolina. I miss my bag. Just sayin'.

So "today" I actually took the photos and edited them and then made the listing at my Etsy Shop .... Betriska Dot Com

Here's just a taste ....

Yes that is a Beatles Journal.

I love the purse.

and the case.

Got up at 4 a.m. to go sell my wares at the local outdoor market.
Went to the car with some of said wares.
Discovered flat rear drivers side tire.
Changed tire.
Bandaged small injury.
Drove to market.
The end.

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