Woot! I'm the Featured Member!!!

And a PROUD member at that! These ladies are ROCKIN' the cloth diapered business!
All those sweet bums covered in cloth! I make covers for the diapers. From wool!
Naturally flame retardant - naturally antibacterial - and naturally absorbent, drawing the moisture AWAY from Baby's delicate skin!

You can view my interview AND register to win a pair of handspun handknit Soakers for Fluff-a-Rump-Hump-Day! Complete details can be found here ....

Etsy Cloth Diapers ....

 This is my Bear - Big - wearing the Soakers YOU could win!
He's about the size of a 6 month old baby.
He's a great model - always holds the pose and never whines about
the clothes changing activities.

He has traveled about 15,000 miles
with me in my carry-on - from VA to HI, back to NC, back to HI and
back and forth a couple times more.
Yes. In my carry-on. I would never risk putting Big in the
hands of the airline! *LOL*

He's a love.

You can find more of my handknit soakers at Betriska Dot Com

Aloha! And Mahalos to the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team for all of your
hard work!


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