Friday, February 25, 2011

And Life Goes on ... On the Volcano

This little widget - the one you see below - will allow you to donate to building funds here on the Big Island. A friend has offered to let me "camp" on there land for the next few months while I save my money (by not paying rent) so I can get on my feet again.

I know there's a ton of questions about where I've been, how did I get here, what in the WORLD am I thinking. I would like to present the answers here. I would also like to share with you living frugally, growing your own food, bartering, and living off grid.

It's a new adventure ... one I do with great excitement and great knowledge that what I am attempting is starting all over again. From scratch. With not much of anything except a wonderful resource of friends! I know there is MUCH wisdom to be gained in counsel - so as I offer mine? I hope you will offer yours.

I have a page with Chip-in that "explains" why I can use some extra financial help. That link is here - Hawaiian Betty 

And if you just want to click from the widget? You can do that, too. All donations go from your Paypal account to mine! Stay tuned - my computer's a wee bit slow - but, I'm getting blogs lined up to post soon!

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