Monday, August 29, 2011

My Sanctuary ...

My new room. None of the furniture is mine. I wouldn't paint the walls white and I wouldn't have mini-blinds. But. When my 13 boxes of treasures arrived? I made the white room with the miscellaneous furniture mine.

The dresser - long and white - has become my mantle.

The sewing machine cabinet is where I sew, or write and even put my computer there sometimes.

The desk holds all assorted stuffs ... books to read. Baskets of notions. A coffee cup of utensils - the rest of the set appears to have been left in Hawaii. I read here. I blog here. I pray here.

The bedside table holds reading materials, finished projects to be sold on Etsy and a fav picture of my Grandson Luke.

I made a side table from a tin my Mama gave me YEARS ago, that holds stationary and a box on top of that, that was given to me this year by mama and was full of my favorite Vanilla bath supplies!

I love the huge mirror. I do yoga right there. First time I've been able to check my posture while practicing my positions.

I also get to decorate the kitchen. I've even taken BEFORE pictures so you can watch the transformation in an upcoming blog. I know you are breathless with excitement. *LOL* Well, I am any way.

Getting my space in order makes ME feel more in order. The past couple or so years I have been living the life nomadic ... I'm ready for some rooting to take place. And right here, right now seems to be a good place to do that. We'll see ....

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SunShine said...

Rooting. Sounds lovely. And overdue. Rooting. On the side of every huge mountain of seemingly solid rock, there's always one little courageous pine sapling which has no concept of "can't." The dauntless little life takes root there where nothing else could- where nothing else would. It welcomes adversity because it knows even in adversity, it continues to grow- and thrive. It relishes the quiet simplicity of it's solitude. It excitedly rises with each day anew and contently welcomes the peace of dusk. And it the wind. It clings; holds on- and survives against all odds; strong, brave and ever-so-confident. That's YOU, Betriska. A Pine Sapling.

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