Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Road to Saline Valley ....

The desert. Part of Death Valley.
Hot. Dry. With no services for 126 miles.
No gas. No water. No food. You bring it in. And take out what you don't use.

Saline Valley.

You drive by the salt flats. And you look up into
the face of beautiful snow capped mountains.

Once off the main road? You drive a long, rocky,
dusty road for about 3 hours. You can see the salt flats at the base of the mountain. That's where you turn left to go to the hot springs. A small oasis with no utilities but, a couple or three out-houses. Nice ones.

The drive into the desert is amazing and beautiful in a barren sort of way.

I've only been once. And I was only there for a few hours. I never even got into a hot "tub" but, mid-day when the temp was high? I did get in the "cool pool" ... right before they drained it to water the little patch of grass.

We were set up to camp overnight. But, a dust storm grew as the sun was setting and the decision to make the three hour trek out of the desert was made.

I watched the sun setting, 
while stacking rocks on anything 
that might blow away.

And in the end? I was happy for being there and 
looking forward to my return trip in October.

1 comment:

fauquet said...

This place is both majestic and frightening.
Betty I am amazed by the change in you . I watched your previous posts here .
I believe among the photos odf a furnitutr I see your three girls.
Love 'v}

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