Something I Made ...

This is Big.
Big was naked.
He needed a bow - atleast.
So from the hand-dyed, 100% Cotton Muslin that I used for Molly's custom Designed Baby Sling? I made him one. Ain't he cute?


This is the Baby Sling ... Custom designed for my Baby Girl ...  


And this is the fancy-secure-the-rings-above and beyond all possibility.

Oh. And notice the fabulous - weld free - rings!!!

This was such a fun project. From going out to Jo-Ann's and picking out the fabric with Molly, to the dyeing of it on the kitchen stove, to the sewing it together - it was just a make-me-feel-good project. I hope to make more and sell them on my Etsy Shop. I'm thinking of tie-dyeing in earthy colors and making at least one from some fabulous Hawaiian print fabric I have!

Stay tuned ... I'm working daily and have some things I want to share with you!


Mollly said…
The sling is beautiful!! I can't wait to try it out! You did an amazing job! And Big is looking quite handsome!
Love you!

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