Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Need a Betriska Sherpa

So here we go ... me in my Sherpa.
I designed mine and have since knit countless wool hats,
that others admire and want and are willing to pay me
to produce with my own two hands, some sticks and string.

I am observing my new
home going through the September change of seasons.
A little bit summer - a little bit autumn, the mornings are
a bit chilly and then the temps rise from the morning sun,
to draw back up to the clouds the moisture left from yesterday's rains.
Guests over for a cookout. The air turns
cool as the sun dips behind the high peaks of nearby mountains.

It's the beginning of sherpa season. And lacking in photo-skills
but brazen in desire to show you my latest two handknit sherpas,
I give you pictures. You can follow the links to Shop Betriska.


And you ask.
Why? What are the TOP TEN Reasons to own one of my sherpas?
They're listed on my Etsy!

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