The Problem - As I See It

I'm working from a severe deficit.
I create things from other things.
I don't have enough things.
There are the tools.

The sewing machine is breaking needles.
I can't figure out how to align the needle so it doesn't hit the faceplate.

My knitting? I carry it around with me. And sometimes I'll knit a few rows. I'm slow. And it's most often now, painful. My knitting machine is in NC.

Camera -  4 mega pixel - need I say more?
I will.
The automatic shutter wouldn't open and close.
So I snapped it's little plastic wings off. With my tweezers.
I also can't get the date to remain.
You turn off the camera?
You reset the date.
Every. Time. (*Pulls at hair.*)
I finally gave up.

Ok. So I've struggled to make it.
I've struggled to photograph it.
Now I will struggle to publish it.
Downloading and editing and uploading.
Not always easy on a precious old Mac.
iBook G4 - circa. PC - Whatever that means.
People look at me sideways when I try to explain
what I barely understand myself.
What I DO understand? I can't view YouTube videos ON
Facebook. I can go TO YouTube via a separate tab and view it there.
I don't know why.
Facebook says I need the latest Flash. And I KNOW I can't download that.
And having Flash Player or not? Makes a difference on other websites, too.

So bottom line?

It's like trying to run an internet crafting business with one arm tied behind your back.
And I bet there are women and men who do more, with less. But, me? I'm just a wee bit frustrated.
At a loss really as to  how to move ahead. I know it takes money to make money. So I'm trying
to gather a few dollars to invest in myself. And as we all know. These days, in particular. are difficult.
For everyone.

I really could use some ideas. I'm always open to new ideas. Tried and failed at many of them! LOL
And today. I'll try again. I guess as long as I keep trying there's always that possibility of making something BIG happen, huh?

Next time?
Maybe I'll write about exactly what "something big" would look like!


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