Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Vardo

I discovered the Vardo today. Knew it when I saw it. Never knew it had another name besides. A gypsy wagon. And when I saw the Vardo and then found THIS - I was so excited I was afraid I'd lose the site - so I decided to blog it so I could record the day I KNEW it was a Vardo that I could build. A little at a time. Make me a home. A home ( makes me giggle with delight ) on WHEELS. *LOL* How perfect for me I thought! I need a home I could curve around so that when I sleep the sun and the moon  would shine in my face - at any time of year - at any place I park her! How awesome is THAT!

So here's a link to my new 'dream home'. I have a goal. Now how to obtain it.

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