Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July - a celebration of Independance!!
I decided (as I always do on July 4th) that I needed something patriotic and
summery and cool-as-cotton to wear for the festivities.

Locally, we will be having the Sierra Music Festival from July 5-8 and tonight one of the bands will be kicking off the "hippie-fest" (as locals refer to it) at a sweet little coffee bar downtown. I also was looking for something to go with an "African theme" - red, yellow, green and black - because the band will be playing African themed music.

I'm here to tell you. I found the perfect fabric. It has red, white and blue, AND red, yellow, green and black! *LOL* The thing is? The fabric comes in the shape of this wonderfully soft, 100% cotton Muu Muu. (In Hawai'i BOTH 'u's are pronounced like moo-oo moo-oo)

Cute huh?
A little on the big side. Even for a muu muu! But,
I LOVE the fabric. AND I love the pockets.

What I don't love so much?
The sleeves.
The tag-in-the-back and
the length.

So. I got to thinking how best to use this fabric. I want to keep the pockets and lose the yoke (tag) and sleeves. So I carefully cut that part off. Sewed a casing in the front. Fit the back to my dimensions. Cut the hem and viola. Happy Sun Dress for my 4th of July African Themed Celebration!

I just learned to (sort-of) use my self-timer today.


Connie took these for me - Model? I am not .... obviously my BUTT is way to big! *LOL* I do love my new little dress though. What would YOU have done with this awesome find?

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