Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Hello and Re-purposed Hats

To my TEN Followers, it is with you in mind that I continue to put words to keyboard so that you can - well. follow me. - Wow. That means ... I'm the leader! YIKES. I better watch myself. I wouldn't want y'all trippin', or fallin' into a hole or somethin'! So. If you see me headin' off towards a cliff? Please feel free to not follow too closely! *LOL*

Ok ... so I came here to blog abouuuuut. Something that was this ... became a that ... and then became a something else and NOW is something else. Ha!

I had this FAB.U.LOUS. yarn.  Sara gave it to me one year for Christmas. Then Emily took the yarn and made it into a STUNNING shawl/shrug. Lacy. Soy and wool. Beautiful earth tones. LOVE. IT.

Love the yarn. Love the shawl. AND. There was still more yarn. So I knit a hat. And my friend Connie  looked really cute in the hat. So I gave it to her. I still had more yarn. Then Connie WASHED the hat. It felted to a tiny. Cute. Odd little hat. I liked it. I could squeeze it on my head. And it looked like this.

Not a great picture. But, the only one I got of the hat. This was last December. I was packing suitcases and heading back to North Carolina. So I tossed the hat in and not once did I wear it. It doesn't 'show' ... but, it was so tight? The blood flow was cut off to my scalp! LOL

So. The hat ended up in my jewelry bag. The handknit-from-handspun-aplaca-yarn-with-the-leather-circle-handles jewelry bag. Here's a picture of it ....

And THEN? I needed a sturdy little container to hold my scissors and tools over on my dresser top where I design stuff. So first I found a box. A plastic baby wipe box that the lid just popped off of. Nice. Right size? I'm hoping!

 First I try putting the box inside the hat.
Nope. But! Putting the hat inside the BOX? THAT worked!

See .... Now I have a handy-dandy-eye-candy container to hold my tools and if Connie needs a hat? I'll just pop out the plastic box and she's ready for a night on the town with a fabulous hat on her head!

I love making the containers, the clothes, the handbags and home furnishings I need from things that would normally be tossed in the trash. I  re-purpose them to be decorative and useful items, because everybody wants a second chance. Right?

For the overflow I have available - check out my shop on Etsy. 
Betriska - Where I Make Things.


LouAnne said...

This is SO you! Love the hat turned box liner. Most excellent!

Betriska said...

Thanks, LouAnne!

Anonymous said...


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