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It's been a bit difficult to work on my latest commissioned theme case. I was contacted weeks ago about doing it and the case was shipped and work began. There's a lot of thought - a. lot. - that goes into designing the cases I do. Each one is different. Even though the beginning case may look the same? The finished product is designed to express the owner's passion. My passion is helping you express YOURS. I think the owner of this case will be happy. I certainly hope so and I'll let you know after he receives it.

I took this ... and that ...

And I made this ... 


Not an easy assignment. But. I did it. And I did it well. 


Sara said…
Wow, I love it!!! AWESOME job.
Anonymous said…
Gasp! To whom does this DC Case go? Does the person live in Gotham? Did Bobby see this?

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