Monday, August 27, 2012

What I Did on my Summer Vacation 2012

Phil got word that he was going to Burning Man on a Wednesday. The 15th of August. I made like a true gopher and got him packed and ready to leave by Sunday the 19th, early afternoon. In the midst of sorting, packing, cleaning, freezing, filling and finding - I made me a cutie little dress ...

It started out like this ... 

And finished like this ... 

Phil will return September 3rd. He has the opportunity to not only attend the festivities but he will get to
be a part of a 'theme camp' - Black Rock Mobility. Someone even GAVE him a ticket!!! He was so excited and a little fretful, as he usually camps on the outer ring of the wheel. He'll be in the very heart of Black Rock City! As our friend Connie says "Life begins outside our comfort zone." This should be one of those big "life" things for Phil! Lucky dog.

I'm happy he got to go and have been enjoying my time having the entire house to myself. I've done way too much movie watching on the tv!!! *LOL*  This story is for me to track all that I accomplished in my time home alone. I haven't JUST watched movies. So far? I've done all this, too. 

  • moved wooden shelf into Phil's room.
  • cleaned his room
  • washed his linens, pillows, quilt 
  • dried pillows and quilt in the sun
  • remade his bed
  • moved dining room table
  • moved front porch furniture to back
  • moved rockers to front porch
  • spray painted table and top for front porch
  • killed wasps
  • weedeated around old mercedes 
  • raked, swept and cleaned up outside garage
  • cut pine limbs
  • filled trailer with pine straw and pine boughs
  • stacked wood on front porch
  • moved stack of wood in backyard
  • watered the lawn (somewhere - everyday)
  • cleaned the pushmower
  • filled the mower with gas
  • mowed the yard
  • bought new carriage bolt to replace the one that fell off the mower in the yard
  • washed, hung out to dry, and folded curtains for giant dining room window
  • sewed rings on giant curtains
  • hung giant curtains
  • vacuumed and mopped house
  • washed the riding lawnmower
  • sewed 2 baby slings, photographed them and listed them on Etsy
  • shipped a baby sling I sold on Etsy
  • hemmed a baby sling
  • tie dyed fabric for 6 baby slings
  • herded a cow back into the pasture
  • visited with Phil's friend Jeff and his friend Dwight
  • took pictures of the smoke and the fire
  • 2 days the smoke was so thick I couldn't see the mountains
  • pruned the apple tree of the dead limb and suckers
  • climbed the ladder and cut two big limbs off the pine tree
  • went to Reno with Connie and Stacie 
  • went to physical therapy for my last session for my hip
  • hung out with Connie on her porch
  • drove the  Red Samurai with no doors and no top
  • went to the movie
  • took multiple - long - HOT - showers

I love being productive, creative, busy. I need to be all those things to be happy. It gives me purpose. Tending, caring for, being a good steward of all that God continues to bless me with? It's my happiness. My purpose. And done in a right spirit becomes an act of worship. And if my worship glorifies Him? What more do I need in life?

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melissa said...

In case you look at your visitor's log at the side and wonder why somebody from Memphis keeps popping up...I found you via someone's Google+ site and wandered over here. I remember you ages ago on Xanga. That's dating me!

Anyway, I used to be acquainted with your daughter, Sara, but that's been eons as well. She'd not remember me, I'm sure.

Just wanted to say hi (from a stranger) and tell you that you look wonderful. Envy your figure...

Hope life is treating you well. :)

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