Purple Haze ...

I saved this really huge sweater. 100% Wool. Double knitted.When I felted it? The 'material' ended up being near a 1/2 inch thick. So to that I added 1/2 inch foam and a fleece lining. I hand stitched the 'front' and 'back' together and stitched the shoulder strap from the sleeves by hand. Sara's camera bag inspired me to make a safe carrying bag for the Purple Haze .... my new HP Pavilion g6. *Love*

It has pockets on both sides for cords, my iPod, my camera and my phone. 

 And a fabulous padded lining to protect it! 

Total cost? Hmmm. A dollar for the sweater. .25 cents for the lining. Another 1.00 for the foam.
 Not bad for a 2.25 cent investment. 


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