Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here's what I know .... On Day 2

In a moment of time. The smallest increment. Everything can change.
One conversation. One email. A Facebook message or status.

One phone call.

One text.

One moment away from, anything could happen.
Today is today. Only for today.
There will be trials.
And Angst.
And Failures.


There will also be.
Great joys in the sun rising, and over the sun setting.
There will be the sweet smell of grass being watered on a stormy day.

Tomorrow WILL take care of itself. Do today what you have the strength to do.
To say I love you. To smell the sweet fragrance of summer. To climb the hill,
even though you're tired. And thirsty. And regretful. For if you do today the BEST
you can do? You WILL have strength to climb, and step and march - if you have to -
towards that goal. That destination. That hill. That rock.

You will be content in the day, when the goodness of the day has brought forth
gratitude in your heart. For the smallest bloom, that feeds the hummingbird, to the
sweet smell of pastureland and honeysuckle. From the clouds in a crystal blue sky to the shade of the tree that grows on the west facing side.

 Even to the hill that must be climbed. For climbing that hill will make you stronger.
And to have the strength to continue the journey will require that you remain strong.

You want to finish well
You want to believe ...
That you have been a blessing more than a curse.
That you shared what you could, gave when you were able.

You Hoped for all things.

You Believed in all things.

You had Faith to carry on.

And you had WISDOM to discern the evil from the good.
Knowing in your heart that your GOD - the one true LIVING God - will
work out all things that you believe in, what you hope for will transpire exactly as
HE wills and in His time. And the Truth is? If we just do all things unto
Christ? GOD can use even the least of us.

Contentment equals peace. Peace equals joy. To walk according to the Spirit who IS joy and peace? In this world? With all of it's scary, ugly deeds? And have peace OR joy? Will be impossible except we BELIEVE that God is in control and his Spirit? IS determining our destiny.

And   believing that? Believing that GOD, greater than ourself, greater than our hopes or our dreams. Wiser than our prayers. Is making right our wrongs. Repairing. Restoring. And taking every good deed done in his Name, like seeds being planted in rich soil that grow and blossom and bloom and bear fruit?So shall we.

He truly does have the "Whole World in His Hands" ... and believing that RESTORES our hope.
And we will be blessed with contentment when peace, joy and hope floods our hearts, our minds and our souls because we are walking according to the Spirit.

"Consider the ant ... " Proverbs 6:6

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