Monday, June 10, 2013

Write Something Everyday for 31 Days ...

Day One - the Day I had this idea. I was inspired by someone else's challenging blog to write (or do) something every day for 31 days?  Ruth over at Has quite the challenge!!! Not sure I'm ready for that one yet!

Am I up to the "Write Something Everyday for 31 Days Challenge? Maybe.
I am presently, undisciplined.
I do nothing regularly. It seems my life is a series of random events, rather than a flowing-day-to-day-doing-stuff-on-purpose kind of living..

I can't get comfortable.
Every chair I sit in annoys my aching body.
Maybe it's not the seat.
Maybe it's just my aching body?

If for 31 days - I could blog. Something. Anything. About ...  a thought I had today. The black bag I bought. Or the one I made? Maybe my garden growing efforts. Watering the lawn. Making seat cushions or a furniture polish.

And if I can't even write about doing it? I don't know that I will. But, I could try. So that's it. Today.
Oh ... and maybe I'll 'cheat' and just type some of my already handwritten thoughts. That would fill in some spaces, huh?

(Day Two)

Well. I wrote the above yesterday. I did write on Day Two. But. Being that I didn't post my first blog - rather stored it in the drafts - deciding whether or not to commit ... I also decided that I would just throw caution to the wind and IF I write a blog? Publish it. That way I just might be more disciplined if I thought somebody might actually BE reading my blog. Then maybe someday. I can gather the blogs I like most and put them into a book of sorts? Or somehow make money off of my writing. Or just be a blessing to somebody. Somewhere. Who knows?

Ok. So I need some rules ... (Subject to change.)

Rule #1 I write something on my blog everyday for 21 Days. (Notice change.)

Rule #2 Twenty-one (consecutive) days to make a habit they say. And I'm trying to make a HABIT of writing.

Rule #3 If I don't actually TYPE a blog? I can use a past handwritten note to myself as my blog.

Rule #4 Type a blog post everyday.

Rule #5  Type a blog post everyday.

I promise. End of Day 1 ...

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