Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Tiny Little Adjustment

Sometimes your tiny trailer has been sitting for months, on soft ground and has slowly gotten itself off kilter. It wasn't a major lean, but it was enough to keep the doors from staying open and it probably led to the leaky seam I found when I checked on it a few months back.

So this morning. I had determined was the morning I was going to make the adjustment. I needed to either back it up, or pull it forward. After much thought? I decided to back it off of the 3 boards on one side and away from the chocks that were now buried in soft ground.

Seems simple enough. Truth be told - it took nearly 3 hours to make a simple adjustment. A tiny - TINY - adjustment. Why would it take so long? Well here's what actually had to transpire before attempting to hitch on to my pickup !

 - Secure everything inside that might fall down and break.
 - Remove all 4 stabilizers and the wood they were sitting on.
 - Move the dog away from the trailer.
- Disconnect cords for electric and refrigerator.
 - Then ... now comes the tricky part and where I spent the MOST time. Hitch the trailer to the truck and move my trailer the 18" it needed to level it up.
 - Oh. Find trailer hitch in back of packed pick up truck! Ha!
 - Attach said hitch to truck. Easy peasy.
- Back truck just right to the tongue of the trailer.
- Try again.
 - Try again. And again and again. INCHES - just inches to get it there.
 - After about 10 tries? Success.
 - Lower the trailer onto the hitch.
 - Sit down and figure out what to do when the trailer won't come down to the ball.
 - Put wood blocks under tires to raise truck.
 - Back truck just right to the tongue of the trailer and onto the boards to raise the hitch.
 - Try again.
 - And pull forward and bounce onto the wood blocks and try again.
 - Cuss.
- Back up again, the inches you need to get it just exactly right!
 - Lower the trailer (again)
 - Get in truck and back up 2 inches so ball sets in tongue.
 - Wipe sweat.
 - Drink water.
 - Readjust wood boards and pull trailer onto boards.
 - Check level. *Perfect* (well perfect enough!)
- Set all 4 stabilizers in place.
- Plug tiny trailer back in and lay out cords properly.
- Put everything inside back in it's place.

 What would have taken maybe an hour if I'd have had a spotter? Took me 3. So I did all of this by my tiny little self, using my tiny little brain to figure it all out! And the best part? I did it! I did it myself! I faced my fear. I prayed for God to help me. I prayed I could get it done without hurting my truck, my camper or myself. And I did it.

 Next up? Seal the roof seams. I just may hire somebody for that! *LOL*

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