My Tiny Little Roof Patch

So. In my tiny little life there are times when I have to do scary hard things. Today, was one of those times. 
First I had to remove the tarp, that has been on since I first
discovered the leak in my cabinet a few months ago. 
Then we did the inspection. I've never actually seen the top of my trailer before.

 Caera the Big Dog! 

Heave and ho and off we go! 

First - Luke age 5 - checks the ladder for YaiYai's safety. 

And now YaiYai - with fear and trepidation - makes her way up to the top. 

 Molly - officially in her 2nd trimester with baby #4 - 
climbed up to take a few photos. 

Ruh. Roh. I think I see the problem. 

I sealed all of the outer edges, the hole, and around the vent!
I did NOT fall in, or through, or off! 

Yay me!!! Gettin' 'er done! 

So with minimal spillage and/or smudges I had a very 
productive morning! I'm feeling so brave and accomplished now, I'm 
thinking I'll purchase another gallon of sealant and 
coat the entire roof come fall! 

Good plan? 


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