Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Scarf That Saved my Neck

Actually.  I kind of fell/was dragged down by Caera. Not her fault! I was going to wipe her muddy feet to come in. I had hold of the chain with my left hand and had a towel in the other.

When she tried to back out I tried to keep her in. She went down the steps and instead of letting go? I held on.

I went sideways/backwards off the step. Stumbled. Tried to keep upright by holding the chain. Went down twisted and hard. The chain caught me around my neck.

My left hand bruised and cut.
My neck bruised.
My right knee busted, swollen and bruised.
My back. From the twist/sideways/stumble and fall.

Of course I was covered from shoulder to ankle in mud!

God's blessing?  I was going through my inventory.  Found a pretty cotton scarf and wrapped it around my neck 3 times. Just minutes before opening the door to bring Caera in. The chain, instead of ripping my skin, caught my head keeping me from a face plant in the mud.

I left Caera out while I gently removed ALL of my clothes. I anointed everything that hurt with my oils before putting on clean.

I took turmeric (4 capsules), my other vitamins, a shot of vodka with cassia oil and went to bed.

Hope your day went better? LOL

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