Monday, February 19, 2018

Questions Answered about Living Tiny

My Truck and the Tiny - my first trip. circa. 2014

Yes. I continue to live in the Tiny and I continue to live tiny - or as some would say - minimally. I have reduced consumption of resources to the barest of minimum, including but not limited to -

- Maintaining a home off-grid.
Example: No electricity. Which of course means no electric "bills". I currently have lights, charging of phone and laptop, blending of coffee, all made possible via 3-100 watt solar panels, 2-deep cycle, heavy duty batteries, inverter and cigarette lighter charging station. There is, of course, the initial start-up of purchasing and installing; however, the last electric bill I paid averaged 150.00 a month. Yes. My system has paid for itself multiple times.

- Purchasing/spending/shopping
Example: If I do not actually need something, I no longer shop for it. There is a saying, "Want what you need, and don't need what you want." This has become my motto.

- Stashing/Storing/Collecting
Example: See above. As in, the less you need/want the less you purchase. The less you purchase the less space you need to stash or store!

- Food. 
Example:  I have enough for at least a month of meals at all times. I eat simply. With little to no cost in preparation. I can use propane, solar energy (for beverages like tea, and even coffee), or in an emergency, I can build a fire. Yes. I have a fire pit - of sorts. It's a spare trailer tire wheel.

Food storage is in cabinets in the Tiny. Bulk or surplus foods are in air-tight bins in my truck. I also use my refrigerator space, as the frig no longer is in working order.

- Clothing.
Example: I have enough clothing to keep me covered, warm and dry - for approximately 2 weeks. I do not put on clean/fresh outer clothing daily unless they become soiled in some way. I have enough underclothes to go more than 2 weeks. And I also wear clothes in layers when the temperatures fall below 40 degrees F. I wear handknit wool socks, good leather boots, and wool sweaters/vests/hats to stay warm in winter conditions.

Wool is naturally antimicrobial, water repellent, and warm. It wicks away moisture keeping you dry when you need to be!

- Water. 
Example: Water is a necessity. Clean water is imperative/preferable. I currently have water access on my site. It could be consumed however, it doesn't taste very good. But, if I had no choice? I wouldn't die for lack of water. I haul water in gallon jugs into the Tiny for dish-washing, in-between shower bathing, and cleaning the Tiny. I also have water filtering tablets and multiple ways of purifying water in case of emergency.

For drinking purposes, I travel about a mile to fill a 5-gallon water jug for $1.00. I also fill 3- 1-gallon
jugs, and a 2-gallon container, for a quarter per gallon. When all containers are full this is enough water for 7-10 days. That includes coffee, tea, lemonade and fresh drink.

I have been questioned as to how, why, where, how long, as long as I have lived in the Tiny. I've never actually written about it here. I suppose it would be a good thing. And yes. I will answer those questions in upcoming blogs. I am just getting started again. And today was the day that I finally was able to find the proper space to sit and type. So. If you have read this far, and you are interested in learning more about how I live in the Tiny? Stay tuned, and meanwhile? Ask me your questions! You can comment below, or even email me directly at Betriska at gMail dot com!

Blessings Chavarim!

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Questions Answered about Living Tiny

My Truck and the Tiny - my first trip. circa. 2014 Yes. I continue to live in the Tiny and I continue to live tiny - or as some woul...